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Snow Clearing

Tenants are responsible for clearing snow from their driveway/accessway and within their leased area to

ensure public safety. Tenants are liable for any damage to people or property caused by their negligence in

snow management.

The RMB has established a pre-qualified list of Snow Clearers that are approved to work in the Resorts.

Tenants can contact these Snow Clearers if they need assistance clearing snow.

  • Mr Plow Mt Buller Bobcat Toolcat with snow blower, ice scraper, snow plow, 4-in-1 bucket and forklift capable of clearing driveways, accessways, carparks etc. 1300 Mt Plow (687569)

  • Steve Hennessy Mix of large to medium size vehicles capable of clearing driveways, accessways, carparks etc. 0418 329 444

  • Darren Hart Walk behind snow blower for footpaths and pedestrian areas. 0418 595 965

When clearing snow from your site and/or driveway/accessway, you are required to ensure the snow is

disposed of on your site, wherever possible. If it’s not possible to dispose of snow on your site, Tenants should

seek permission from a neighbour to use their site if possible. If it’s not possible to dispose of snow on leased

land, Tenants may be able to push snow onto public roads or pathways as an absolute last resort with the prior

permission of the RMB. If the RMB gives permission, it may set a strict timeframe for you to complete your

snow clearing or pushing so that it aligns with its broader Resort-wide snow clearing activities.

When snow clearing or pushing, Tenants are reminded to avoid:

  • Using another leaseholder’s area without their permission

  • Creating an obstacle to free pedestrian or vehicle movement in the Resort

  • Reducing sight distances at locations such as intersections and curves

  • Environmental damage including tree damage

  • Property damage

  • Moving snow to areas that may restrict building evacuation pathways.


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