Under the Alpine Resorts (Management) Act 1997, the Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management Board (RMB) is the Statutory Authority responsible for the management of Crown Land at Mt Buller.


About the Lease Process

All Victorian alpine resorts are Crown Land permanently reserved under Section 4 (1) of the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978. Leases grant tenants exclusive right to occupy the land.  The Alpine Resorts Leasing Policy (2002) provides a consistent framework for the leasing of Crown Land and RMB works collaboratively with stakeholders to implement the lease process.


The leasing of Crown Land is governed by the Alpine Resorts Leasing Policy (30 March 2002) which establishes a set of overarching principles around public benefit, ecological sustainability, consistency and transparency. 

The Mt Buller Mt Stirling Property Leasing Procedure ensures a consistent approach is taken to implementing the policy and determining lease terms. The Resort Management Board works collaboratively with Lessees to help secure the longest lease term possible in accordance with the Alpine Leasing Policy and Property and Leasing Procedure. To commence the new lease process, Lessees are asked to complete the New Lease Application Form

We recommend Lessees initiate the lease renewal process one to two years before the lease expiry date. However, Lessees can surrender their existing lease and enter into negotiations with the Board for a new lease at any time, if they want to. If the new lease isn’t finalised before the existing lease expires, over-holding provisions apply to ensure tenure continuity.

Lease Negotiation Steps

Negotiating a new lease can take some time as the approval process involves a number of steps:


Complete the new lease application form and return along with the required attachments


Your application will be assessed against criteria outlined in the Alpine Leasing Policy to determine the lease term.  


Once your application has been assessed, we will discuss the scoring with you. If there are any opportunities to improve the scored assessment by providing additional information, we will let you know. 


The Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management Board approves the proposed lease term in principle.


Ministerial Approval in Principle is sought authorising the granting of the proposed lease.


The new lease is drafted and provided to you for execution.


Ministerial execution is sought.


The Board signs the lease and arranges for the new lease to be registered with the Titles Office. A copy of signed lease is provided to you.


Lease Renewal Fees

Lessees may incur the following fees as part of the Lease process (fee amounts are estimates and subject to change):

Building Standards & Fire Safety Report

Valuation Report

Original Plan (OP) Survey

Title Registration


Approx. Total: $1800.00 - $2,500.00 +GST

Lessee to coordinate with Independent Building Surveyor. Recommend to complete two to three years prior to lease expiry.

Report to be arranged by Lessee

$1000.00 +GST

Conducted by the Office of Valuer-General Victoria within 6 months of Lease expiry.

Admin fee of 10% applies as the RMB coordinates this on the Lessee’s behalf.

$650.00 +GST

Conducted by the Office of Surveyor-General Victoria and/or Independent Surveyor.


Only required if there has been a change to the site boundary. Lessee to coordinate survey if required. Additional survey charges may apply.

$562.39 +GST

Registration of Lease with Land Use Victoria.

Admin fee of 10% applies as the RMB coordinates this on the Lessee’s behalf unless instructed otherwise.

$96.10 +GST


Lease Documents

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