Commercial Operators

A licence is required by people or businesses who conduct organised tours or recreational businesses for profit within the Mt Buller and Mt Stirling Alpine Resorts under Section 17 of the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978.


Before making an application for a Commercial Operator Licence, prospective licence-holders should contact Resort Management and confirm the availability, terms and conditions of licenses for the specific activity. 
The decision to grant a Commercial Operator Licence, its duration and conditions remains within the discretion of Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management (RMB).

Call 03 5777 6077 or email 



Commercial Operator Licence fees consist of the fixed component (Annual fee) and a variable use component (User fee – based on visitor numbers).  The annual licence fees for standard and multi-year licences reflect the value of licence fees managed by DELWP and PV. 



Annual Fee

Annual Fee - greater than 1 year (per year)

User Fee - Adult

User Fee - Child

FEE ($) 2021-2022






Dates are based on the Resort Management financial year being from 1 November to 31 October.

** GST is not payable on Commercial Operator Licence fees.

Depending on the complexity of the licence application the process may take between six to eight weeks.  All prospective operators need to ensure that they provide enough time to become licensed prior to operating to avoid disappointment.

Accreditation Requirements


The Victorian Government Policy Statement Licensing System for Tour Operators and Activity Providers on Public Land in Victoria (2008) states that longer-term tour operator licences should be conditional, amongst other things, on the applicant being accredited under a recognised industry certification program that encourages improved environmental, cultural and business management.  The programs currently recognised as supportive of an application for a longer-term licence are:



Nature Tourism – EcoCertification IV; 
EarthCheck Benchmarking and Certification;

Respecting Our Culture; and

Australian Tourism Accreditation Program 

(formerly Better Business Tourism Accreditation Program);



Advanced Ecotourism – EcoCertification IV; 

Ecotourism – EcoCertification IV; and

EarthCheck Benchmarking and Certification

 (formerly GreenGlobe Company Standard).

Accordingly, the licence terms and conditions require the Licensee to possess accreditation which is consistent with the nature of the product being offered.  Accreditation must be maintained throughout the Term of the Licence.

Trip Returns (Visitation)

Commercial Operators are required to maintain a daily record of the number of persons who participate in tours. A copy of this record is to be provided to the RMB on a quarterly or annual basis, and is used to calculate the use fees payable.

4WD & AWD Village Permits

Applications for 2022 Mt Buller 4WD/AWD Village Season Permits are now closed.

Confirmation invoices will be emailed  once permit allocations are completed.

Tyre check information will be provided on the confirmation invoice.

For enquiries, please email


Dogs in Alpine Resorts

The Alpine Resort (Management) Regulations 2020 state that dogs can not be brought into the Mt Buller Resort unless a current Dog Permit has been issued by the RMB and the conditions are adhered to. Dogs are not allowed within the Mt Stirling Alpine Resort under any circumstance. 
Cats are not permitted in either Resort under any circumstances.

In accordance with the Alpine Resort (Management) Regulations 2020 the penalty for bringing a dog into the Mt Buller Resort without a permit is $2,000. Heavy penalties also apply for bringing a cat or other animal into the Resorts. The RMB monitors compliance with the Animal Policy and Dog Permit Conditions and takes enforcement action where appropriate.

Applications for the 2022 winter season open in early April and close on May 22, 2022.


Important Information for Dog Owners

Drone Icon White.png

Drone/UAV/RPA Operations


For the safety of our guests, all commercial and non-commercial drone usage at Mt Buller and Mt Stirling must be pre-approved, and comply with Resort and CASA regulations.

The online application form and policy can be found below. We suggest you contact to discuss your application prior to submission.

Once a request has been received it will be reviewed by Mt Buller & Mt Stirling Resort Management Board (RMB) and if over the ski field area, Buller Ski Lifts (BSL). Should approval be granted Ski Patrol, Mountain Operations and all other relevant departments will be sent an outline of the plan including location, time, flight details and contact information. It may be deemed necessary for filming to be supervised by relevant RMB and BSL staff members.

Filming on the ski area during lift operations times is unlikely to be approved, without a flight plan being designed in consultation with Buller Ski Lifts.

Please Note

Hobbyists are not permitted in the resort.  No request or application will be considered.


Any persons found flying a drone in the Resort without prior authorisation will be asked to cease operations and leave the ski area with their drone.

Find more information at the CASA website here

Apply Now

Please complete and submit the form below for your Drone Application at least 14 days prior to your first planned flight each year or 3 days prior for all subsequent applications.


All fields are mandatory. You must complete all fields to submit the form. This form will not save.

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Helicopters in the Resort

Commercial and private helicopters are currently not permitted to land within the Resorts.


Private Transport Services

The Resort Management Board and the Mt Buller community are working jointly on a range of improvements to visitor transport services to give visitors increased choice in terms of service and price.


A key element of these improvements is to allow, for the first time, private transport operators to provide intra village transport and between overnight car parks and accommodation within the Village. The new private transport service offer an alternative level of service  to the Resort’s ride share service via a dedicated vehicle for the booking (as opposed to multiple bookings sharing the same vehicle with multiple pick-ups and drop-offs) 

Snow Limo Services

This service involves offering guests a transfer service from outside the resort direct to/from the Mt Buller Village.  

Snow Limo Service applications are currently closed.