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The Resort Management delivers standard council services such as road and land maintenance, waste collection and the overseeing of resort facilities. The unique nature of the alpine environment requires Resort Management to provide an additional range of services, some of which are listed below.

Snow Making

Snow Making & Water Recycling

Snowmaking is a key feature of Mt Buller that allows the resort to open ski runs earlier and maintain a balanced snow cover throughout the season. It ensures continued resort visitation, which in turn supports all mountain businesses and guarantees the economic viability of the region.​ ​This critical activity is enabled through a partnership between the Resort Management and Buller Ski Lifts, who share associated costs including the provision of water, operation of the snowmaking system and two snowfactories, and maintenance and depreciation on all associated assets.

Snow Clearing & Roads

Clearing snow from the roads leading up to Mt Buller and throughout the Alpine Village is an essential service that the Resort Management provides during the winter season. The Resort Management clears snow off the 15km long Mt Buller Road from Mirimbah to the Mt Buller Village, the 9km Mt Stirling Road to TBJ, the 4km of roads around the Mt Buller village, and the multitude of day and overnight carparks.


The Resort Management continues to make significant investment in machinery, equipment maintenance and man-power to enable it to fulfill this task, and ensure that the roadways are safe and accessible by residents and Resort visitors.

Mt Buller and Mt Stirling Resort Management is the Coordinating and Responsible Road Authority for public municipal roads within the Resorts. View the Road Management Plan here >

Snow Clearing

Car Parking

Resort Management manages car parking within Mt Buller and Mt Stirling resorts, and employs dedicated staff during the snow season.

A number of improvement projects have been delivered in recent years as part of a strategy to overcome capacity issues at Mt Buller due to increased visitation.

Projects include the addition of 220 overnight car parks along Corn Hill Road, the use of CSIR carpark for day visitors, road, drainage and stabilisation works at Mirimbah Park for car parking during peak periods, and improved safety and access for pedestrians including new stairways, lighting and signage.

Car Paking
Transit Services



Resort Management provides a dedicated guest transport system during the snow season. This includes free day car park and intra-Village shuttle bus services.  

​Resort Management also oversees the delivery of the ride share and private transport services, provided by independent suppliers.


Ski Patrol

Resort Management provides ski patrol services at Mt Stirling during the snow season, in conjunction with the invaluable assistance of the Mt Stirling Volunteer Ski Patrol Inc. who are an essential part of winter safety and operations. The patrol base is located at Telephone Box Junction, Mt Stirling. 

Ski Patrol
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