Mt Buller & Mt Stirling Resort Management is committed to the safe & optimal treatment of  waste, and the preservation and sustainability of our alpine environment.


Northeast Waste & Resource Recovery Group

Mt Buller and Mt Stirling Resort Management has been a member of North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group (previously North East Victoria Regional Waste Management Group (NevRwaste) for over 10 years.

NEWRRG works in partnership with other state and local authorities to implement the State's waste management policies and strategies at a regional and local level.

To learn more about NEWRRG visit their website:

Why does waste matter?

The videos on the North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group website

 demonstrate the importance of separating waste, with some great insight into where our household waste ends up.

While the information on the videos is not specific to the Alpine Resorts, it communicates the same message encouraging us to Minimise Waste – Maximise Recovery – Remove Organics.

Hard Waste Disposal

Please DO NOT put any hard waste items in village waste huts or on kerbside. This is considered illegal dumping and heavy penalties do apply.

It is also very costly for Resort staff and waste contractors to continually collect, manage and dispose of these unwanted items left in waste huts and around the village.

You are responsible for your own hard waste and you must take items to an appropriate disposal facility (see below).

Mansfield Resource Recovery Centre (Transfer Station)

163 Monkey Gully Road

Mansfield VIC 3723

Click here for opening hours and fees.

NOTE: Clean, sorted and recyclable timber and steel can only be taken to the Boggy Corner Waste Transfer Station by prior appointment. Contact the Waste Contractor on 0427 411 418 well in advance to arrange access.


General Waste, Organics & Recycling

All recycling is to be placed in clear plastic bags. These are available for free from Resort Management/Waste Contractor. Bags must be tied and placed in one of the 28 rubbish huts located around the Village.

Items that can be recycled are: 

  • Plastics 1-7

  • Glass

  • Aluminium

  • Steel

  • Paper

  • Cardboard 

Organic waste should be collected in the small, sealable plastic bags  (available from Resort Management, in the rubbish huts or by contacting the Contact Waste Contractor on 0427 411 418). Green ‘food only’ buckets and organics caddies are also available from Resort Management. They should be sealed and placed in one of the 28 rubbish huts located around the village.


General waste should be collected in black garbage bags, tied and placed in one of the 28 rubbish huts located around the village.



As of 1st July 2019 e-waste is no longer accepted in any bin or landfill sites across Victoria. Instead, it must be taken to dedicated drop-off points where it will be collected for resource recovery.


'Living Bin' Organics Management

Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management has taken the resort's recycling to new heights via its award-winning Living Bin organics management system. In 2010 Resort Management launched its food waste recycling system as part of the Victorian Government's ‘Towards Zero Waste' strategy. The system encourages on-mountain operators to separate out organic waste, (fruit, vegetables and meat), which is collected and recycled into compost.


The introduction of an onsite composting unit helps close the loop for food waste management at Mt Buller, enabling food waste to be processed at the on-mountain waste management centre and reused as compost throughout the resort. Since its inception, almost 100 properties participate in the program, that has seen over 337 tonnes of food waste diverted from landfill (that is a saving of over 641 tonnes of carbon emissions!). Save the snow, participate in The Living Bin Program.


For more information on how your lodge or venue could use the Living Bin, please contact the Environmental Services team on 03 5777 6077 or