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Dog Policy Review Results


The Regulations state that a person must not bring a horse or pack animal (Clause 31(3)), dog (Clause 32(2)) or an animal (Clause 33(2)) into a Resort unless the Board has issued an Authority.

The RMB Dog Permit Policy was last amended in 2017 when dog permit eligibility was increased to all residents that own property or have a rental agreement for at least 13 consecutive weeks and permission from the relevant body corporate, residential landlord and/or lodge (as appropriate). Since this time, dog permit numbers have trended upwards.

In late 2020 the RMB surveyed community members to better understand views regarding increasing dog numbers, support for the current eligibility criteria and compliance levels. Below are the findings that have helped shape the new Animal Policy.

Survey findings:

The survey opened on 26 November 2020 and closed 31 December 2020. 453 responses were received.

  • 84% of survey participants wanted a permit or had a current permit or a past permit, with only 7% saying they had no interest in a permit.

  • 8% of respondents did not support dogs being allowed in the resort.

  • 51% of respondents were annual or seasonal residents, 10% were lodge members, 11% were staff and 18% were visitors.

Key survey outcomes:

  • The current dog permit eligibility criteria is supported

  • No limit on dog permit numbers is the preferred approach

  • The current annual permit is supported, while only some support for seasonal or short-period permits

  • High levels of compliance has been witnessed, with increased compliance efforts is supported

  • The principle that permit fees should cover Board costs is supported

Survey Findings RMB Response

Eligibility criteria 60% support the current eligibility criteria. Retain current criteria because it:

· Strikes the right balance between resident desire to have their dog with them,

whilst also maintaining some control over permit numbers and behaviour.

· Is consistent with the Government’s recent

changes to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 preventing landlords from unreasonably refusing consent for a tenant to keep a pet.

Permit numbers · 57% support no limit on dog numbers. · The existing cap has been removed.

· 23% support a limit on the number of permits. · Increase monitoring of Resort safety,

· 13% support a limit on the number of dogs hygiene and community compliance. in the resort on any given day.

· There appeared to be some support for limiting the number of permits per person/household to two.

Permit types · Most respondents supported the current annual · No change. Retain existing annual permits only. permit, with minimal support for seasonal permits. · There was some support for short-period permits, which indicates that people would like to bring their dogs on holiday.

Compliance · 60% had not observed non-compliance. · Improved village signage.

· 74% support an increased compliance effort. · Work with permit holders to enhance

· There was some support for stronger penalties. compliance (eg. establish a community reference group).

· Policy updated to include two breaches equals loss of permit rule.

· Increase patrolling within existing resources.

Permit fees · 48% agreed that fees should cover costs. · Permit fees set on the principle of full cost

· 29% agreed that fees should exceed costs. recovery.

· 20% wanted fees to be less than costs (ie. subsidised).

Dog walking areas · 50% want dog walking areas extended. · Review possible walking areas with the

· 37% support the current areas. community reference group during 2021. · 5% want dog walking areas reduced.

Based on the survey results, the RMB has introduced the following changes:

What hasn’t changed:

  • Complete one form per dog

  • Eligibility criteria and permitted walking areas

  • Applications will be processed within 10 days of receipt of all required information, not including postage time

  • Applications received after 22 May will not be guaranteed approval prior to the Declared Snow Season

  • You will be invoiced upon approval of your application. Permits will be issued upon payment.

Community Reference Group:

If you are interested in being part of the community lead reference group, please email

Dog Permit Applications are now open for 2021-2022. Click here to apply.


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