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Mt Buller Resort Management Masterplan Amendment 12 April 2019

The Mt Buller & Mt Stirling Resort Management Board recently announced exciting news about increasing the appeal and visitor capacity of Mt Buller and activation of the Mt Buller masterplan.

One of the key elements is the creation of an enlarged and vibrant village heart with a range of visitor activations all year round. This could not have been achieved if the Grollo Group proceeded with its approved plans for three buildings on the Kooroora site, which would have made it impossible to increase the size of the Village Square or widen the pedestrian link through to the current bus terminal without demolishing part of Village Square Plaza.

The RMB and Grollo Group jointly recognised that this would not be in the best interests of Mt Buller, and sought to negotiate a solution that both parties believed was in the best interests of the Mt Buller community, was commercially sound, and passed every probity test.

Both parties are pleased to announce the result of that negotiation, which comprises:

  • The Grollo Group constructing only two, rather than three buildings on the Kooroora site with the new hotel and retail spaces expected to be operational for the 2019 snow season;

  • Approximately 750m2 of space in the Village Square being returned as public space so that it can be incorporated into a large Village Square running from the Clock Tower through to the CFA building;

  • The Grollo Group being awarded leases over identified development sites in the White Horse Village area (beside Breathtaker, uphill from Pension Grimus, south of Fawlty Towers) which will all be accessed from White Horse Village Road and progressively developed in the coming years subject to normal planning approvals;

  • A significant contribution from the Grollo Group to the RMB to use in developing the enlarged Village Square.

This agreement was based on land valuations completed by the Victorian Valuer General and development estimates completed by an independent Quantity Surveyor. The land release via direct treaty was subsequently approved by the Minister for Energy, Environment & Climate Change.

The RMB and Grollo Group are delighted that this agreement will allow the creation of a fabulous Village Square in the heart of Mt Buller for the benefit of current and future Stakeholders and visitors for many years to come.

Schematics outlining some of the options in and around the Village Square will be presented for public consultation as the RMB seeks Stakeholder and visitor feedback on how best to leverage the enlarged Village Square and make it the vibrant heart envisaged in the masterplan.


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